January 13, 2012

Write here, Write now...

Check it out now, funk soul brother, right about now, funk soul brother...Ok I got a little carried away there and now that song is stuck in my head (and now probably yours too!) but I was just so excited to show off my Christmas prezzie from Farmboy. I have been searching high and low for one of these baby's that actually works. I am proud to introduce to you, my very own, complete with old lady smell, Smith Corona Typewriter:

So many of my family members think I've lost the plot when i unwrapped this present. "Why on earth would a young, ipad loving techno savvy person want something as ancient as this" my dad asked me. And the answer, I just do. There ain't nothing like typing out a letter on a good old fashioned typewriter. Anyone else share my love for archaic writing machines?