August 10, 2011

Missioning around *Centacow*

On a recent trip to Durban, Farmboy and I decided to do a little exploring of the area surrounding his farm in Creighton (you're not alone if you have no idea where Creighton's about 40 kilometers from Ixopo, KZN). Centacow Mission was founded in 1888 by Trappist Monks, when a man called Abbot Francis Pfanner purchased a small farm in this small corner of Kwazulu Natal. Missionaries developed Centocow into a flourishing station where the brothers cared for the farm, did all the carpentry, blacksmith work and made the bricks for building operations. Today Centocow Mission looks desolate. Farmboy recently made a purchase of an exquisite piece of yellow wood furniture from one of the few monks still staying at Centacow, who told him that they now offer one of the buildings as accommodation for conferences etc.

Enough with the history lesson :) here are some pictures to set the scene for you...