July 27, 2011

Revlon *Photofinish Translucent Finisher*

This past weekend was a very special one here in our family. You see, its not every day you get to go to your mom's wedding! Post coming on that very soon! Where was I, umm, oh yes! Well, at weddings, lots and lots and lots of photographs are taken, and sometimes, there may even be professional photographers there. So, to make sure you're always looking your best, it's quite a good idea to get your hands on some make up which can help you do just that. One of those products being Clarins Instant Light, a "brush on perfector" which helps to cover up dark circles and give's radiance to the eye area. Another product from my box of tricks is Revlon's new Photofinish Translucent Finisher...

At R169 it's not exactly cheap, but by golly it sure works. It comes out as a white powder, but once brushed onto the skin, it 'disappears'. It's very easy to apply, controls shine, and lasts all day. The brush isn't the best but it does do the job. My skin was 'photoready' all day and all night! A great powder which gives a matte finish and takes away that 'washed' out look which sometimes comes with taking photo's. It also has a slight shimmer which adds to the translucent effect. All in all a great addition to my growing collection :)