April 12, 2011


The search for the perfect mascara is always a tricky one. How often have you found yourself forking out a fortune for a fancy smancy 'lash building/extending/protecting/ornamenting' mascara, only to find yourself looking like something out of Rocky Horror when you try it on?? Well here are 2 of my favourites that actually do what they say...

MAC Plush Lash: R140

This tiny tube really packs a punch. It volumizes, plumps and curls, all without clumping. And at a pretty neat price too, you can't go wrong!

ModelCo Fire Lash Brush on Lashes: R340

This mascara comes in 2 tubes. The first step is to put on the 'Extension Mascara". Step 2 is to brush on the "lash Fibre" and then finally brush on another coat of the extension. You can keep putting on as many coats as you need to create your desired look.
This one is quite pricey, but it really does work. Only downside (*apart from the price that is*) is that takes more time than most mascaras to get right. But, if you have the time, and the money, these are 2 little tubes of greatness :)

So there you go, two mascaras to suit any girls budget. Stay tuned for more reviews on other beauty tools & products...

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