August 21, 2013

Smitten with Forever21

We don't have anything like Forever21 in South Africa. I mean Typo, Topshop, Forever New (and H&M soon!) have hit South Africa's sunny shores and while those stores are lovely, they just don't have anything on Forever21.
I mean, look at all this pretty?!
There was definitely a lot of punk, rock and lumo in the branch I went into here in Seoul, South Korea. But what made my heart go pitter patter was all the pink and the pearl. 
Soft, sweet and feminine. 
Just lovely. 

{Un}Luckily for me I live about a 5 hour journey from the closest Forever 21 so I had to load up on goodies and will have to wait a {long} time before I step foot in there again. And with the huge sale going on, I was able to go a little girl crazy and still have enough for a Baskin and Robbins ice-cream on the way home...oh sale time I do love you!

What colour accessories are you into at the moment?