July 29, 2013

Pretty in Pink, Cream, Lavender & Mint

We have been here in South Korea for just over a month now and are slowly starting to settle into small town life. We've met a great bunch of other teachers, found some local food that I can eat and actually start to crave at every meal, and found that the beach is only a 30 minute bus ride away.
What we haven't gotten used to however, is the 100% humidity...all day...all night. We are dreading our electricity bill for this month as our aircon has become our new bff. 
This week I'm attempting a hair cut at a local salon (although I use the term 'salon' very loosely to describe the hairdressers here). 
Wish me luck!
A few snaps through Instagram (@roxypearce). I'm really into my pastels and creams at the moment, can you tell?