July 8, 2013

Korean coffee shops...

This weekend hubby and I went off exploring one of the big cities surrounding our rice paddy town. Bright lights and glitzy stores, we felt like we were in the middle of New york (or at least somewhere very exciting) as everyday life in Buan (our town) is far from glitzy. We stumbled across this incredibly cute little cafe, while taking cover from the rain. Why aren't there more of these sorts of places back home in South Africa? Maybe thats what Farmboy and I will do when we get back, open up some Korean Cafe's...hmmm.

Don't you just love the name...'No Riter'? Koreans, as most Asians, struggle with their 'r' and 'l's and so what I'm sure is supposed to say "No Litter" becomes, well 'No Riter'...cute man.