May 2, 2013

{Our little home}

Just a few snaps of the little space here in Pietermaritzburgt that we call home. Farmboy and I have been living here for a little over six months (yes! It's been over six months since we said 'I Do' in an old farm shed!), and well, we are {hopefully} only going to be here for another two...Not because we don't love this place, but because we have some adventurous travel plans lined up and are hoping to be out exploring this big bad world of ours :)

So, before its too late I wanted to share a few photos using my new camera {my lovely Canon 60D was stolen a few weeks ago...very sad face! We were not expecting insurance to pay us out at all, so when we got a sms notification at 4am the other morning confirming our payout we were overjoyed!} 

I will post some piccies of my new camera soon...but for now, a few snaps of our little home.