March 25, 2013

Sun, Sea & Sand in {Sodwana Bay}

Hello again friends! I hope you all had a wonderful long weekend, and that you all are feeling refreshed and ready for yet another short week, in preparation for lots of stuffing of faces with Easter eggs and hot cross buns!

Farmboy and I, along with our friends Kelly & Nathan headed off to Sodwana Bay (near the Mozambique border, up the North Coast) for the long weekend, with tents and blow up mattresses in tow. Apart from a very nasty incident last wednesday evening when my precious camera and Farmboy's work laptop were 'liberated' from my LOCKED car (using who knows what kind of sci-fi tech) but apart from that, the weekend was swell. Here are some snaps taken with Nathan's iPhone (ah man I really am mad about Instagram) with being without a camera and all...

{If you are ever looking for a holiday destination that feels very exotic and tropical, with incredible snorkeling and only about a 4.5 hour drive from PMB, then head out to Sodwana Bay}