September 19, 2012

A Kitchen Tea {Surprise!}

A few week's ago, one of my bridesmaids organized yet {another} surprise Kitchen Tea for me! What a special day filled with great company, yummy food and lots and lots of laughs. It's times like these that make you realise what special people surround you. Thank you to all the ladies in the photo's below, as well as all those who couldn't make it.

I am currently writing this post in bed, after a very full day of wedding DIY'ing, from putting up chalkboards, to hanging shade clot and hessian to weather proof our farm venues, and of course lots and lots of ribbon and lace tying. The last few days before the wedding have been so special, a time for family, and a time to just take a deep breathe and realise the beauty of marriage.

Enjoy the photies below, lots more posts to come before the Big Day on Sunday!

*And a big thank you to Dear Chloe Photography for the piccies!*