August 7, 2012

A Grade 2 Life Skills Lesson {Soil}

It has been quite an adjustment being at my current school here in Pietermaritzburg for my final teaching practical this year.

 Most of my learners (the new term for students) really struggle with the basics of reading and writing, which can be frustrating at times, especially when they are all at such different levels. 

But instead of getting all 'woe is me' and hating on the education system, I decided to take a little more of a hands on approach for one of my life skills lessons. With the new curriculum which has been implemented this year (CAPS > which I really think is fantastic!) each grade is given particular themes to integrate among all the learning area's (for the Foundation Phase of Grade 1 - Grade 3, these learning area's are once again to be referred to as Maths, English & Life Skills).

Much chaos ensued, punctuated with mud flying, smiling faces and much learning taking place :)

I now leave you with  few shots of my lesson on the importance of soil:

Stay week we will find out which type of soil was indeed best for growing plants...exciting times ahead for these little rascals!