June 18, 2012

Postick {bringing back the postcard!}

After trawling round the inter-web, (and after successfully receiving Farmboy's Birthday prezzie from one of the awesome projects started on Kickstarter, I came across Cape Town based graphic designer, Tatjana. 
Tatjana hopes to revolutionize the SA postal system, one post card at a time...

"POSTICKs are white adhesive labels with rounded corners. They're slightly smaller than your average photograph and they have the normal postcard-backing lines printed on them. The labels are easy to write on with a normal pen.

You could stick the postick on the back of a photo you took and expose it to the world (or just your friend and the postman). You could use it to recycle an old vintage postcard you bought for 10c at the local antique store, you could stick on on the back of a page from your daily planner with your friend’s birthday written in and some doodle scribbled across the page. You could stick it on the back of the first autumn leaf that landed on your head. You could stick it to the back of something you sewed last week or an interesting newspaper clipping.

The options are endless. It’s awesome. It’s super personal and it gives a bunch of unimportant things a chance at a second life as a postcard. There’s no doubt that your friend will be super happy upon discovering a hand-written piece of something fun between the bills in the letterbox.

There’s something strangely wonderful about receiving postcards. It’s hard to describe since it’s a little piece of card. But it’s much more than just processed wood and a hand written note. It’s a thought of someone that spontaneously manifested somewhere else in the world. A thought so strong that it transformed itself into hand-written words on a piece of card. That random little thought survived a complex (and fantastic) postal system, continents, human error and the forces of nature and finally made it into that exact little mailbox. It’s a miracle!"

Click here to find out more, and click here to pledge some much needed money to make Posticks a reality!

And finally, click here to send one of these extraordinary people a postcard, go on, you'll make their day.