April 16, 2011

I ♥ market...Durban

I ♥ market provides a platform once a month for local foodies and designers to showcase their products.

i ♥ cushions, i ♥ meringues and shortbread, i ♥ jewellery, i ♥ antiques, i ♥ baby grows, i ♥ vintage clothes, i ♥ pestos, i ♥ egg and bacon sarmies, i ♥ ceramics, i ♥ cookies, i ♥ pretty dresses, i ♥ beautiful artworks, i ♥ jellies and jams, i ♥ handbags, i ♥ fresh veggies, i ♥ cupcakes, i ♥ nice t shirts, i ♥ dawn's famous chocolate brownies, i ♥ the good life!

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Drive down Marriott Rd and keep on going thru the traffic circle and down that road that goes through the racecourse and on the right hand side you will see a grand old building, that's the DLI!
And there is loads of parking around the back of the building, and grass and trees and a bowling green!

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