March 22, 2011

Under the **Berg**

What are long weekends made for other than to go picnicking in magical places with special people (*apart from sleeping in reading a good book that is*). And Thats exactly what I got up to this long weekend. 

After a great start of relaxing on Farmboy's farm...

The chickens provide the the entertainment as well as the sustenance for good old farm style fry-ups (I'm talking about their eggs...not the chickens themselves!)

View from the's a tough life for some hey :)

More morning entertainment thanks to "Pirate" and her dislike of early morning dew  :)

It is a dairy farm after all!

Then we headed out to Drakensburg Gardens, near Underburg in KZN, for a delicious Sunday lunch and a little explore of the surrounding area...

Some sights along the way...

Little gorge...

Not so little when you are trying to cross!

The view from our picnic spot

Lovely drive home...another beautiful African sunset! It's good to be home!

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